Scan Inter hold its strong component as manufacturing installing, maintenancing and distributing Compressed Natural Gas Compressors. Where these are essential part for CNG/NGV distributing pot and most of NGV service stations On both well accepted by all countries worldwide. Furthermore the company has been appointed sole distributor and all related service for Intermech (Atlas Copco and KNOX WESTERN ) where the two are known for leading high pressure equipments in the world . The company‚Äôs compressors are accepted by their production quality, ease of operation and maintenance and more impartiality for decades by PTT and international industries contribute to tons of endorsements from actual users.

   The company is capable of manufacturing CNG compressors which capacity ranges from 250 Sm3/hr to 3,200 Sm3/hr. They can also be produce for either engine or motor driven. The company CNG has installed and been operating compressors and high pressure equipment in more the 250 station from 504 stations in the country.


   NGV Dispenser is one of the products company has been intelligently produce and develop. All unit can withstand pressure of 275 bar (Operating pressure). While C4000 unit are equipped on the hardware to make certain precision, persistent and safety standard. Furthermore, NGV Dispenser, Priority Panel and Decant Panel are interractionally certified and well accepted among all its customers.


   The composite cylinder Type IV cylinder have been design and develop under ISO1119-3 and EN12245 standards. That say the special plastic liners have to be layed over with carbon fiber thread in particular patterns. Making them resistant to very high pressure rate, corrosion while keeping its weight equal to or less than half of traditional Type I CNG Cylinders (Steel made cylinders). This new technology elevate CNG transportation to the next level by adding up the amount of CNG transported by 4 times when compared to Type I cylinders. As a consequence, they reduce numbers of trips. CNG has to transports in specific period of time benefiting in much lower cost of transportation and risk of accident. Scan inter is the one take into production the Type IV cylinders in South East Asia. It is an innovation that benefits all industrial and automotive sector and been well recognized internationally.


   Pressure Reducing System (PRS) is one of the most importation elements that fulfils the needs of CNG use among industrial sectors. It produces heat to exchange with compressed natural gas at the time it decompresses itself to prevent frozen state of molecule due to rapid reduction in temperature. The success from this invention opens an opportunity for the factories, hotels, shopping mall and residences get reach to natural gas. Benefiting in a lower cost of fuel and the most environmental implementation. After this success, Scan Inter was the first to start off pipeline gas delivery on its an initiating a new kind of business to the company then the country. The business has substantially grown in both national and international scale as proved by continual orders which currently Indonesia and Vietnam are the main users. Scan Inter is the one who owns and operates this invention and patented it under Patent No. 37614. It is also recognized by the Thai Government and registered as country invention by National innovation Agency (NIA).


   TACKS is a trademark register with Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce for manufacture and the products have been developed by Scan Inter. Consisting of high pressure connectors, regulators, ball valves relief valves, check valves and breakaways etc. They are all produced in compliance with ISO9001/2008 and ISO15500 standards to assure our customers they can get products that are European and American standard at a much lower price.


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