The company officially started distributing Mitsubishi vehicles and operating a repair center in 2012, under the distribution agreement between the company and Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company Limited. The company’s first Scan Inter Mitsubishi showroom and service center is located on Tiwanon road, Bangpood sub-district, Pakkret district, Nonthaburi, and the second is located on Somsang road, Bangpoon sub-district, Mueang district, Patum Thani. On 30 December 2019, the company sold the showrooms and service centers to a juristic person with no association with the company to increase investment capital for greater business opportunities at national and regional levels.

   However, the company still foresees opportunities of automotive business expansion. Panthera Motors Company Limited (“PMC”), a subsidiary company, was established with registered capital of 150,000,000 baht, to participate in transport vehicle project bidding for the public sector, state enterprises and the private sector, as well as to provide all kinds of manufacturing, installation and assembly services with the highest quality. In addition, the company distributes and rents out transport vehicles with after-sales services to small-scale businesses. The company plans to distribute mini-buses through Panthera Motors Company Limited in 2020. The company has launched Bonluck (BLK) Panthera, a mini-bus with 19+1 seats, in the previous Bus & Truck Expo.


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