We are an oil engineering construction contractor and gas with over 35 years of experience One Stop Service at Scan Inter
Design and install
oil and natural gas service stations
            Scan Inter is a leader in designing and constructing oil and natural gas service stations. We have experience building Natural gas (NGV) service stations for more than 35 years. For PTT Public Company Limited, we are the first operator of constructing natural gas (NGV) stations in Thailand. The Total construction work of NGV stations in Thailand is more than 50%, including sales of equipment used in stations at more than 70%.

            It reinforces us to be trusted with professionalism by leading oil retailers like PTT, Bangchak, and leading companies in Thailand for main construction contractors. In addition, Scan Inter is a one-stop service natural gas service provider.
Our Project Example

Hire a construction contractor for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) station, gas quality improvement system. and natural gas production systems for vehicles (NGV)
Project Capacity

35,000,000 THB

บริษัท ปตท. จำกัด (มหาชน)

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