Scan Inter Public Company Limited main business structure is divided into 4 groups:
            - Renewable energy business Renewable Energy
            - Oil and gas business Natural Gas
            - Automotive business
            - Logistic business
          The company continually searches for ways to increase the efficiency of energy use for the government and industrial sectors for maximum benefit to customers, communities, and society. In addition, the company plans to increase income and invest to achieve targeted returns and become a leader in the energy industry.
            The company is committed to being an example of a company that grows sustainably, especially in the energy industry, where we always adhere to the principles of conducting business with social and environmental responsibility, aiming to improve the quality of life of people both inside and outside the organization. It also aims to create projects to create a good quality of life and develop knowledge skills for people in the community as well as participate in the conservation of natural resources and the environment.
            The company places importance on sustainability in every aspect. As a leading company, we aim to work to create shared value for employees, shareholders, communities, and society as a whole by focusing on building a sustainable organization to ensure that Scan Inter will be successful and help continuously improve the quality of life of people in society.

If you are interested in the products and services of Scan Inter, you can contact us at

02-276-9867 or 092-272-2740