Industrial Compressed Natural Gas

and Liquefied Natural Gas

Industrial Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas
            Due to the stability in fuel prices, industrial customers situated beyond the reach of gas pipelines have embraced the use of natural gas as a replacement for conventional fuels like LPG, fuel oil, and coal. Natural gas is favored for its cost-effectiveness, non-volatility, stability, environmental clarity, and reduced CO2 emissions.
           SCN has developed a specialized Pressure Reducing System (PRS) tailored for industrial facilities. This system ensures the retention of heating value and combustion efficiency while upholding our service standards, safety protocols, and occupational health measures within the transportation and maintenance processes, guaranteeing uninterrupted use of iCNG.
           Currently, the iCNG and iLNG sectors have garnered significant attention, prompting the company to collaborate with esteemed Japanese partners such as Toho Gas, Shizuoka Gas, and Osaka Gas. Together, we are poised to expand our operations and establish the largest natural gas network in the ASEAN region.
Process for producing natural gas for industry
Pressure Reducing System (PRS)
Obtained a patent for inventing a pressure reducer for industrial gases.

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