Natural Gas Transportation for vehicles
Natural Gas Transportation for vehicles

            SCN has been chosen as a contract partner by PTT for more than 15 consecutive years to provide natural gas transportation services for vehicles (NGV) from the Private Mother Station (PMS) to daughter stations located in various areas outside the pipeline.
            The company places the highest emphasis on the safety of NGV transportation. Our vehicles have received certification in accordance with PTT's safety standards, as well as from the Department of Land Transport and the Department of Energy Business. Additionally, we have implemented a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to control, supervise, and collect data via the Global Positioning System (GPS) for real-time location tracking and simultaneous measurement of distance and speed.
                        Moreover, the company has equipped its vehicles with an In-Vehicle-Monitoring-System (IVMS), which includes four cameras (front, cabin, left, and right sides), a driving behavior recording system, and a real-time communication system. This system also features a fatigue detection device with a real-time notification system to assist in monitoring routes and actions during the process of connecting and transferring natural gas to customer service stations. These measures enable the company to efficiently and safely manage NGV operations.
Natural Gas Transportation for vehicles
15 years of transportation experiences, transportation volumn 700 tons/day number of transportation vehicles over 70

           Operates the business of a private natural gas main station (Private Mother Station: PMS) by providing NGV natural gas compression services for natural gas transportation vehicles of PTT Public Company Limited ("PTT") to transport it to NGV service stations outside the gas pipeline or to daughter stations, including improving the quality of natural gas to meet the standards set by law before using it in other parts further with PTT as the customer.
Overview of business operations

1. Private Mother Station is a station on the natural gas pipeline by increasing the pressure while improving the gas quality and pumping to the truck to the daughter station.
2. Daughter Station is a station that is far from the pipeline by receiving gas from trucks that come from the PMS and sold to customers.
3. Conventional Station is a station on the pipeline that is ready to improve gas quality and sold to customers.
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 39001:2012
ISO 45001:2018

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