Automotive Business
            Scan Inter Public Company Limited cooperates with bus manufacturers from China for the distribution and maintenance of air-conditioned buses in Thailand. Furthermore, our company received a concession project to distribute and maintain 489 air-conditioned buses powered by natural gas (NGV) to BMTA within ten years. We are proud to have been a part of helping improve the quality of life of Bangkok people to make it convenient for traveling and return fresh air to Bangkok residents.
Bus Maintenance Business
Bus Maintenance Business
           Scan Inter Public Company Limited has been selected by BMTA to maintain 489 air-conditioned buses that use natural gas (NGV) with a total of 2,400 billion baht, which are new types of buses replaced by old buses to provide services to people and tourists in the Bangkok metropolitan region.

            Our long experience as an installer and maintainer of all types of NGV vehicles includes our quality 120 team member service with technical advice on bus maintenance for servicing quality buses for Bangkok people under better service standards and keeping buses in good condition and ready to service at all times.

If you are interested in the products and services of Scan Inter, you can contact us at

02-276-9867 or 092-272-2740